The National Capital Judging Center is Located at the National Arboretum in North East Washington
    DC on the corner of New York Ave. and Bladensberg Road. The entrance to the facility is at the end
    of "R" street which is off Bladensberg Road just 4 blocks South of` New York Ave. (see map)

    Traditionally, judging sessions are held the first Saturday of the month. Please check our Calender of
    Events for changes in the judging schedule. Note: The venue has changed for January due to the
    government closing.  Please see our Calender of Events for detales.

    Doors to the Administration Building are open to the public during normal business hours. Persons
    wishing to have their plants judged are encouraged to bring them in before judging begins. Judging
    begins at 12:00 Noon and continues until all plants have been evaluated. Plant entries are accepted until
    1:30 PM.

    Most judging are proceeded by educational seminars that start at 11 am.  Student Judges, Probationary
    Judges and Accredited Judges all participate in the continued education at our judging center. Topics
    include a wide variety of orchid genera, judging procedures, and A.O.S. business. All are welcome to
    come and observe the judging process and learn along with our judges during the training sessions.

    During the June and November Judging sessions, the center conducts it's semi-annual
    business/personnel meetings. These meetings may delay the normal judging times, depending on the
    extent of the business meetings.

    The October judging is held concurrent with the National Capitol Orchid Society Show and is held the
    Friday before the show.  Ribbon judging starts at 8:30am and AOS judging starts after lunch.  There
    are no educational seminars for AOS judges for the month of October.

    If you have an orchid you'd like to have judged or would like to hear the judges comment on it, please
    bring it to one of our judging sessions. We'll help you through the registration process (it's free!) and see
    what the judges have to say about your orchid.

    Please feel free to explore our web pages for more information about our judging center:

    In the AWARDS section, you will find many photos of plants that were recommended for AOS
    awards by the National Capital Judging Center .  When the awards are granted, we'll try and post the
    award descriptions with their photos, so you can be up-to-date on the most current awards.
    You may will also find photos of plants that "didn't make the cut" or were screened from receiving an
    award.  When possible, these plants will be discussed for your educational pleasure.
    Sometimes plants are brought in for discussion and educational purposes with no expectation of being
    judged.  These plants may also be featured in this section.

    Meet the judges in the PERSONNEL section.  Here, we've posted photos and a brief bio for most of
    our judges.  What you learn, may surprise you.

    Occasionally, judges from the National Capital Judging Center like to post articles, editorials, ideas and
    other orchid judging information for your reading pleasure.  Visit the PUBLICATIONS section of this
    web site for these items and much more.

    FAQ is where many of the Frequently Asked Questions are posted.  You may find this section useful if
    you have questions regarding the judging center or about having a plant considered for an AOS award.
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